• Lyndell Daniel

Long Exposure Photography

Coming very soon.

I wanted to dabble in Long Exposure Photography after seeing some fantastic work by Matt K. After lots of research, the first item/s I figured I required were Neutral Density Filters. I am sure I spend longer searching for the best filters, than I spent searching for my camera body. After quite a lot of research and from that totally understanding how neutral density filters performed, I ended up purchasing a 3 stop Tiffen NDF, a Hoya 6 stop NDF and a Breakthrough Photographer 10 stop NDF.

The reasons behind my decision were that I required the 10 stop in high sunlight and in the middle of the day. I would be shooting in Iceland and a lot of my shots would be in the middle of the day. The 6 stop filter I

Found this beautiful spot at Juneau, Alaska. My first attempt at a longer exposure with no neutral density filter. See my blog

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