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  • Lyndell Daniel

Exploring Japan with Kids 2016

Travelling with children is the best and yes I know you will say "you're insane - it's daunting, it's exhausting and fraught with issues". That's true, but look at the positive side - kids marvel in new adventures, you have the time of your life watching their faces and reactions to new adventures and experiences. Of course you need to plan way more than if it's just the two of you travelling (entertainment, pit stops and obviously the occasional toy store). We always travel light and travelling with children means double the luggage, but does not mean going overboard. It's much harder if you overpack, so keep it simple.

Our Japan trip was very fast paced, which is normal for us, and can also be achieved with children. Whenever we visit Japan our arrival time is late in the evening and we would usually travel by train to our destination, but when it's late at night and you have little kids, make it easier and hire a private mini bus and driver. Our first stop was Disneyland for several days, then we did venture on the train back to our traditional Japanese accommodation in Tokyo (again be smart and have your luggage taken to your next accommodation). After sightseeing and visiting Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, we were then heading to Nozawa Onsen and to the snow. This was the first time Sophie (7 years) and Lewis (4 years) would see the snow. I found it much easier to hire their gear and book lessons for them and their Dad (his first time also).

You cannot visit Nozawa Onsen and not head to the Snow Monkeys. We hired a van and spent the day watching the monkeys. A must after heading home from the Snow Monkeys, is a stop at the Shinkansen Sushi Train in Iiyama.

Holidays are always way too short, but the memories are a lifetime of enjoyment.


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