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  • Lyndell Daniel

Into the Wild - Untamed Alaska and Canada

August 2015

I am passionate about nature. I love everything associated with nature - animals, the landscape, plants; all of the fascinating characteristics of the physical world. I'm sure my friends and family tire of hearing me talk about my constant quest to be in the wild with such majestic animals. Alaska and Canada provided me this opportunity. Our trip allowed me to get very close with so many wonderful animals in their natural environment. The moose, black bears, grizzly bears, caribou, birds, salmon, just to name a few. These experiences are life long treasures and memories, and I have tried to document some of the amazing creatures that allowed me to photograph them.

My poor husband - I dragged him everywhere in the search for animals. I was always researching the best places and times to encounter the wildlife. I was chased by 2 male caribous and this majestic fellow below did not take a liking to me being so close to his herd. A brief snort, growl and then a chase, to the sounds of my husband yelling "run".

Jasper, Canada.

He was certainly keeping a watchful eye on me, Jasper Canada.

Whistlers Mountain Jasper, Canada. This little guy was spotted as we commenced our hike to the Summit.

Captured this hawk on our hike of Mount Roberts, Juneau, Alaska.

Hiking up to the summit of Mount Roberts, Juneau, Alaska.

This American Red Squirrel eating seeds from pine cones at Glacier Bay, Gustavus, Alaska.

Glacier Bay, Gustavus, Alaska.

We spotted this mother and her babies on our road trip to Seward, Alaska.

Glacier Bay, Gustavus, Alaska.

Jasper, Canada.

The salmon run in Alaska.

It's a fairly steep hike to the Summit of Whistlers Mountain, Jasper where this Golden mantled Ground Squirrel was watching the constant stream of people attempting the hike. I had so much fun capturing this little guy, who was fascinated with people and appeared to love my camera.

Taking a nap on the rocks at Glacier Bay, Gustavus, Alaska.

On our way from Banff to Jasper the major highway was closed due to an accident. We opted to take a 4 hour detour on some very interesting back roads. The scenery was spectacular and we sighted some deer playing in the field following some recent snowfall.

Banff golf course around dusk.

We cycled around Stanley Park, Vancouver spotting this little black squirrel half way through the ride. I took great delight in photographing this curious little creature who wanted the peanuts that were in my backpack.

We also couldn't resist spending time with these geese on our ride through Stanley Park, Vancouver.

Just gathering his herd together Jasper, Canada.

I fell in love with these squirrels. A light snack before lunch. Jasper, Canada.

Met this little lady on a hike through Banff, Canada.

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