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  • Lyndell Daniel

DUBAI - Desert and Camel Safari

A visit to Dubai isn't complete without experiencing a desert safari. I managed to find a company that incorporated a ride into the desert in an air conditioned car (a must), then a 2 hour camel ride, dinner, dancing, falcon display and star gazing.

In 45ºc heat at 5pm, we road camels to our desert camp over undulating sand dunes whilst the sun was setting. It is an indescribable experience to be on top of a camel, with nothing but sand for miles around and such quiet, apart from the rumbling growl of the camel throughout the journey.

We ate, drank, attended a falcon display, watched various dances and then, if you wanted you could attend a star gazing presentation and look at Saturn through the telescope. We arrived back at our hotel well after midnight. This was an amazing experience.

Do you know the national sport of Dubai - it's camel racing. On our way to the desert, we stopped to see camels undergoing an intensive training season. As it was summer, that is the time for their training, as it's too hot for the camels to race.

See the little red jockeys!!! Remote jockeys as now used in Dubai, as previously children were used as jockeys, but it was found to be too dangerous.

Our camels, patiently awaiting our arrival.

My camel and I heading into the vast expanse of sand, more sand and more hot sand.

We encountered several of these beautiful Arabian Mountain Gazelles. They would run and bound as we approached them.

A group of nomads wandering the desert in search of dinner.

And still no dinner to be found.

The humidity haze blocking out the setting sun, as we ride towards our desert camp for the night.

Our camp site for the night.

The coffee corner.

Dinner consisted of camel, lamb, chicken, lamb rice, vegetable rice, soup, salads and fruits.

Displays of dancing throughout the night.

A very informative falcon display. Falcons migrated over the area and were caught and trained by the original settlers to hunt and catch food for them.

After dinner relaxation with the Arabian smoke pipe.

Certainly not a hand model, but the henna tattoo was beautifully created by the local artist.


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