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  • Lyndell Daniel


We left Zermatt around 10am and started our road trip to St. Moritz. The 4 hour drive took us about 11 hours, as we took the more scenic route. Not to mention that we thought we were lost half of the time...but needless to say we weren't'!

We had seen some spectacular scenery so far in Switzerland and this part of the trip did not disappoint. Towering mountains, winding mountain roads, step inclines, fast descents, snow capped mountains, glaciers, lush greenery, cute villages and many cyclists.

Along the way, we drove along the Furkastrasse and stopped for lunch at Gletscher Restaurant at Belvedere. Apart from the magnificent scenery, we also met many marmots who were very curious little creatures and wanted our food. One particular marmot loved humans and was enjoying the food he was receiving from two boys.

We continued our journey, passing soaring mountains, driving through cobblestone streets, winding furiously through the mountains and then witnessing the landscape change to stone and desolate rock. Finally, around 9pm we approached Samedan.

We stayed in Madulain, a small village about 15 minutes out of St. Moritz. Our accommodation at Hotel Chesa Stüva Colani had just been renovated and like all of our accommodation throughout Switzerland, was remarkable.

The one disappointment was not completing our hike on Route 2 to the Italian border, which is located in the Engadine Valley and is part of the Swiss National Park. As I had hurt my ankle on the downhill bike ride, this route was extremely steep and I just couldn’t make it.

The winding road, Furkastrasse, which took us high up into the Alps, where we had lunch at the Gletscher Restaurant, Belvedere.

Furkastrasse - the road never seemed to end.

Looking up to Gletscher Restaurant, Belvedere.

Our friendly Marmot, who decided to have lunch with us.

And his mate, who wasn't so sure about us - do you blame him :)

This little fellow just loved these two boys who were feeding him.

Over the top and now going down the other side, destination St. Moritz.

A quick snapshot of this car as we drove past - immaculate.

The winding road continued all the way down the mountain.

Just love the old arch bridges scattered around the countryside. Though on the winding roads, very hard to get a good picture.

Piz Ela at Bergun - We spent some time wandering around this lovely little cobblestone town, which we found towards the bottom of the Furkastrasse, just before Samedan.

The lush greenery suddenly turned to desolate stone and rock. We have never seen such dramatic changes in landscape happen so abruptly.

And we followed this varied landscape, which again suddenly changed back to the lush green landscape we were used to seeing in Switzerland, as you can see in the picture below.

Coming into Samedan.

St. Moritz lake - A hike up the mountain provides a spectacular view of the beautiful blue colours of the lake.

One of the many hiking trails around St. Moritz. A paradise for hikers and mountain bikers.

A different vantage point looking down over St. Moritz.

Leaving Madulain in the morning after some rain during the night.

A view of St. Moritz from just outside the Bernina Express.

A view from the window of the Bernina Express, Alp Grüm.

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