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  • Lyndell Daniel

VENICE - The City of Love

A long day travelling from St. Moritz to Venice, but the views from the Bernina Express to Tirano made it worthwhile. At Tirano we took the local train to Milan. Milan station is chaotic, people running everywhere, everyone watching the screens to see which platform their train will leave from and then making mad dashes to the train. Don’t forget to validate your tickets on Italian trains, as some people hadn’t and were given quite a lecture.

We arrived in Venice around 10pm. For some reason I thought this was late and we’d struggle to find transport to our Hotel. Was I wrong!! The train station was packed and the lines for the ACTV water bus service were long.

But how could you worry about those little things. Venice known as the City of Love - and yes, I can see why. There is an ambience about Venice which you can’t deny….whether it’s the young and old lovers, the magic of the lights, the charm and mystique of the old buildings, the enduring canals or the fact that the entire history of Venice is intimately linked to Cupid – who knows, but it is present.

Tranquillity is not a word I would associate with Venice. Venice is alive till late into the night and then starts early in the morning again. The city becomes filled with people; every morning 4 cruise ships would pass our window with thousands of people leaving the ships to roam through the streets.

The best part of the day for me, were my very early morning walks, which I believe enabled me to capture some of my better photos.

We walked to the major tourist attractions but the entry lines were too long, so we didn’t venture inside. This wasn’t a problem as there are many other impressive sites to see.

I found the history of Venice fascinating. In order to escape the marauding barbarians of the North, the people found refuge on the Islands of Venice, where they created this magical city.

The view from our room at Hotel Gabrielle.

Early morning walks.

The lights in Venice during the night when cruising the Canal create magical effects on the water and buildings.

Looking up the Canal from Arsenele.

These were some of my favourite places in the morning.

The canals become alive very early in the morning.

But are so serene just before the boats start transporting their passengers.

We were in one of the back streets when I saw the cruise ship coming in....This scene was amazing. The size of the ships compared to the buildings.

The lone Seagull in the morning looking for something to eat.

Venice isn't all canals and some of the back areas of Venice are beautiful.

How many gondolas can you count?


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