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ITALY - Positano

POSITANO, what can I say, well lots actually, but let’s try and keep it succinct.

Hot – The Amalfi coast is hot, hot and hot and not just in temperature. Hot tempered – actually love it; hot temperature - lots of sweaty bodies; and those swimsuits – hot and skimpy!!

The language – I could fall in love with anyone that spoke Italian. It’s so expressive and that “rolling of the tongue” pronunciation!!

Crazy drivers - and narrow, narrow streets. I have no idea how the buses manage to pass each other. I think we could have morphed into the other bus we were so close; and so many lunatic scooter drivers. The roads are windy, the corners are blind but who seems to notice – no one!!!

Stairs – be prepared to walk, and walk many, many stairs; up and down obviously. We counted 190 stairs up to our bedroom at Casa Nilde, from the road just below us and we didn’t even bother counting the ones from the beach.

Path of the Gods - If you are interested in some spectacular views, please read my post on The Path of the Gods.

Capri – We decided to take a boat tour with Positano boats. You have 4 hours on the island to yourself, so we hired a scooter and joined the crazy locals racing around the narrow, winding streets. This was well worth it, as we travelled the island quickly and managed to have a swim at the lighthouse.

Beaches – The water is crystal clear with beautiful blue and green hues. There are some free places to swim around Positano and Amalfi, but there are certainly a lot of places where you need to pay.

Food – pasta, pizza, gelato and limoncello!!!!

Beautiful sunsets from the top of Positano.

The view on the drive into Positano from Napels.

Never short of a staircase in Positano.

Amazing architecture throughout Positano.

I have no idea how they can construct some of these buildings on the side of the hills.

The view from our verandah.

Amazing scenery on the ferry from Positano to Amalfi.

On our way down to the beach.

One of the paid beaches in Positano.

So many beautiful scenes to photograph throughout the Amalfi coastline.

A view of Positano beach from the water.

The main harbour of Capri.

On our way into Marina Piccola.

The Green Grotto at Capri.

The beach below the Lighthouse at Capri. The water was beautiful.

Anyone that knows me, also knows I can't go anywhere without taking pictures of the wildlife. A lone seagull watching the beautiful waters of the Amalfi coastline.

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