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  • Lyndell Daniel

ICELAND - Akureyri

Loved this little town, well not so little town. Akureyri is very large, well compared to other places in Iceland and it's apparently the second largest urban area in Iceland. This was the first place in Iceland we actually walked around the town and looked at a couple of shops - as none of the other places we visited had a shopping district, actually lucky to find a shop. I must admit however, the main reason for shopping was that we were freezing and were in desperate need of some warm pants before we could do any more hiking.

We didn't actually stay in Akureyri, our accommodation at Ytri Vik, which was about a 20 minute drive from the town and as mentioned in my last blog, the most beautiful spot.

We spent two wonderful days in Akureyri exploring the area and an afternoon on a whale tour out of Akureyri.

We hiked through the Leirhnjúkur and Krafla area and across the lava fields. The winds were strong and bitterly cold. At times we tried to warm our hands around the rising steam from the lava, not overly effective unfortunately. We also visited the Godafoss waterfall (waterfall of the gods) which isn't that far our of Akureyri. The waterfalls in Iceland are spectacular and Godafoss was absolutely stunning.

The lava fields in the Krafla area.

As I've mentioned in my other blogs the changing landscapes - lava to vast dirt and rocks.

Views from our accommodation at Ytri Vik looking across the fjord.

Views from our accommodation at Ytri Vik looking across the fjord.

Akureyri area.

View from our balcony at Ytri Vik.

The cottages of Ytri Vik.

Whale tour on the fjord.

The water was so beautiful and clear.

One of the whale tour groups out of Akureyri.

Godafoss Waterfall - spectacular.


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