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  • Lyndell Daniel

ICELAND - Akureyri to Snaefellsnes

We reluctantly left our fantastic accommodation at Ytri Vik. These little cottages sit above the fjord with such wonderful views and are so comfortable, relaxing and tranquil, it was hard to leave.

The trip to Grundafjordur takes about 5 hours by car, that is without any stops along the way; and you should know me by now, stopping for photos and sightseeing is compulsory and probably adds another 3 hours or more to any trip we take - just ask my patient husband.

The landscape varies from green pastures to volcanic rock but maintains its constant attraction of grazing sheep and wrapped up bales of hay. A good majority of the road is dirt which does slow your trip down.

We were in search of seals on our drive to Snaefellsnes and decided to try our luck around Hvammstangi. There is an Icelandic Seal Center In Hvammstangi which provides information on seals and the Vatnsnes area. We ended up driving further north out of Hvammstangi to find the seals.

Our two days in Grundafjordur included driving around the picturesque Snaefellsnes Peninsula and stopping frequently to walk along the beaches and lookouts. We walked up Saxholl Crater and also stopped at the museum to look at the old houses the fishing mariners used to live in. We visited the Hallnar Arch, a natural rock formation comprised of basalt sheets.

We stayed in Grundarfjorour at Grundarfjordur Guesthouse and Apartments. The apartments were spacious and had 4 bunk beds and a kitchen.

We finished our Iceland ringroad trip by hiking the Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail. At the end of the hike we enjoyed a relaxing hot geothermal bath in the river in Klambragil, before returning to Keflavik for our flight to London.

We went in search of seals and found this little guy, who was as curious about us as we were of him - north at Hvammstangi.

He decided to have a stretch....

and then just wanted to show off.

I saw this little head pop up way out to sea - he had caught a fish and you could see he was playing with it....

before having it for dinner.

This beach is located just north of Hvammstangi. It is so quiet and tranquil. The birds and seals frequent the area and you can spend hours watching them.

Further north of Hvammstangi, this beach stretches for miles.

Driving along the road to Snaefellsnes you see so many outstanding places. The scenery is spectacular and you can't help but stop to admire the beautiful landscapes.

Just one more of the special areas to stop on your road trip around the peninsula.

We thought we'd have some fun trying to capture our shadows.

Our road trip to the peninsula enabled us to see such magnificent, picturesque and beautiful scenery. The beaches extend for miles and the clouds can mesmerize you.

The serenity of this area is outstanding.

Snaefellsnes. Throughout Iceland you come across these fields with bales of hay. This field was one of the largest I had seen throughout our trip.

The beach just outside of Ólafsvík.

The inside of the fisherman's hut - Snaefell's Peninsula, Iceland. The outside of the hut is covered with grass.

Another shadow selfie on the beach just outside of Ólafsvík.

Hveragerdi Hot Spring. The views on the climb up are magnificant, but the soaking in the Geothermal hot tubs are remarkable.

Snaefell's Peninsula, Iceland.

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