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  • Lyndell Daniel

ICELAND - Icelandic Birds

On this trip, my main aim in relation to bird viewing was to go in search of Puffins, which I have featured in another blog.

Aside from Puffins which most tourists come to see, there are many other species of birds to be found in Iceland. About 85 species of birds nest or have attempted to nest in Iceland, although there are about 330 species of birds that have been recorded in Iceland.

The majority of my photos are of the Iceland Gull which we spotted in most areas but I ended up photographing our whale tour; and a few ducks.

After seeing quite a lot of dead Gulls on the side of the road, we asked a local why there were so many. We were told that they were baby Gulls and they flew from the mountains trying to get to the sea, and that quite a few could not make the long journey.


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