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  • Lyndell Daniel

The highlights of Moreton Island, Tangalooma

Unlike all of our other trips, I had done very little research on Moreton Island, as my daughter was organising this as a family holiday. I had no idea what to expect and was happy to go along with the flow. It actually was a nice change, compared to spending hours researching our trips.

The day started early at 5.30am driving from the Gold Coast to Brisbane to make the 8.30am MICAT Ferry to Moreton Island. We left on a Monday (which turned out to be a public holiday) and arrived way too early for the flyer, having left plenty of time for peak hour traffic into Brisbane, which didn't exist - well at least one and half hours early.

The MICAT Ferry was pretty much empty the day we left, unlike the day of our return trip (Sunday). I'm disappointed I couldn't get a photo on our return trip, but there was no way anyone was going to let me out of the car to take a photo; seeing as it took about an hour to get all of the cars on board, lined up and squeezed into the tetras size slots we were all being ushered into.

Loaded to the brim in both cars, my explanation, a family holiday on an Island: boards, snorkels, Zodiac boat, bikes and food (well we certainly weren't going to starve - I think we had enough food for a month). Oh and I forgot the fishing equipment, but don't mention that to anyone, or they might bring up my suitcase of camera equipment.

The morning trip presented us with smooth calm waters on the way to Moreton Island on the ferry, with plenty to see: The Docks, Brisbane City in the distance, boats, yachts, a tanker and dolphins. We found a table next to the window, had some breakfast (bought on the Ferry) and then wandered upstairs to the open deck for more views. A quick trip down to the cars to let the tyre pressure down and we were set for our adventure for the next week. On approaching Moreton Island on the MICAT, you dock just beside the wrecks and you can see the resort in the distance. The waters were such wonderful shades of blue and with the contrasting colours of the sunken wrecks, the landscape was picturesque. Be sure to check out some of our underwater pictures around the wrecks.

Moreton Island is a fantastic place to 4WD, whether you're camping or staying at the resort. There are so many great places to explore by 4WD. The Hilux we knew would be fine, and much to my scepticism, my husband assured me so would the RAV. That's a whole other story "Our not so successful RAV 4WD experience", which I will share in a different blog. You can travel to Moreton Island by the MICAT (car and passenger ferry) or the Tangalooma Barge as a walk on passenger. The ferry docks near the Wrecks and the barge at the Tangalooma Resort.

When reaching Moreton Island you suddenly become aware of the stunning white sandy beaches, magnificent blue skies and crystal clear waters. For those of you who live in the rat race, peak hour traffic never looked so good.

This became the daily exercise - much better than my normal daily routine - a stand up paddle, a race up the sand dunes and one, two or quite a few more slides down the sand dunes with the kids.

Add to that a walk from the resort to the wrecks, a quick run (lucky none of you captured my run) up the sand dunes and a swim back to the resort.

The view from our villa was magical and the night time views meant grabbing a few nibbles and drinks, and then taking in the stunning sunsets. This is a perfect spot for families - a short wander down to the water for a swim and the daily boat rides on the Zodiac, followed by relaxing in the evening on the verandah, watching the kids play, and as I mentioned (yes, I was in awe of the sunsets) watching the setting sun.

I couldn't tell you how many times we walked up this sand dune and for only 2 reasons - the views and then to slide back down it. I couldn't believe how quickly the kids could run back up, with us trying to catch up to the "hurry up".

On one of our walks to the wrecks, we came across this majestic yacht. Brought back memories of our time in Positano.

One last enticing photo of The Blue Lagoon - check out my blog on our Family holiday at Moreton, for more photos and places to explore on Moreton Island.

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