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  • Lyndell Daniel

Sand Tobogganing at the Desert

Experience the thrill of Sand Tobogganing at The Desert on Moreton Island - wow what a morning of fun. But then we are a family who loves to slide - wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding - give us a board and we will have fun.

If you've landed on this page from our Family fun times at Moreton Island blog, you would have read that we spent time at The Desert in Tangalooma, having fun racing down the sand dunes.

We are a very competitive family, so from the start it was "who could go the fastest" and then it became "who could go the fastest and furthest". This resulted in some taking a running leap to dive on to the sand hills. I have read you can reach speeds of up to 80km/h. We didn't have a speed gun so can't confirm that, but I can confirm the kids always seemed to get much further than the adults.

We used boogie boards and saw some people trying to slide down on the masonite wood. All I can say is go with the boogie boards or wax your masonite.

All photos taken with the Olympus Tg-4

It's a very easy drive to The Desert from the resort. We ended up having to hire one of the 4wd's from the resort, seeing as the RAV couldn't get through the deep tracks. I had been warned earlier by the ranger, that some young guys had been doing donuts at the entrance to The Desert, which had made the sand soft and thick. I did forget this vital piece of information and unfortunately the Hilux did get bogged. I was fine in the Landcruiser, but I suggested that was because it was the girls in the Landcruiser and the boys in the Hilux.

A short walk to the dunes and then "off and running". Competitive is not in our nature.

Did I say we're not competitive - lined up and ready to go - man verses boy. A quick word of advice from Mum and a quick push from Dad, whilst Pop is lining up his track down the hill.

Neck and neck .........

And the winner is ............

1, 2 go - oops was I suppose to count to 3 !!!!

A running leap to try and catch up after the slow start.

Look at that sand flying from beneath the boogie board - can he make it even close!!!!

Hehehe, skewed to the left - no chance of catching me now.....

And the boys fight it out for the honours.....oldest to youngest

The boys checking out the competition.

And back up the hill for another slide.

The Desert is not just great for sand tobogganing, just check out the landscape.

Off to our next adventure. As you can see this is the girl's car - I gave the camera to the boys to take a photo.....maybe a bit of revenge for the antics of sand tobogganing. When asked about the focus - "The lens blurred".

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