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  • Lyndell Daniel

A day in Los Angeles

Ummmm Los Angeles, how plans can change so quickly.....

After leaving the Gold Coast on a cool winter's morning at 5am, we arrived in Los Angeles, a bit rough around the edges, at 6am the same morning - who said Australia was miles from anywhere.

Last time we arrived in LA we couldn't be missed, frantically running down the main road dragging our luggage somehow behind us, after arriving 3 hours late and trying to catch our next flight to Alaska. This was a much more leisurely stroll to the bus terminal, and we actually managed to soak up the atmosphere of a bustling LA airport.

I had organised an early morning check-in, had our full 12-14 hours of itinerary sorted (we only had overnight in LA) and we were ready for a brief nap in the hotel before taking to the streets of LA. A couple of hours later, awake and ready to go - look for my computer, which holds everything to do with our trip, ummm not where I keep it, search some more and then the realism sets in - my computer isn't with my luggage.

After many hours of phone calls, return to the airport, calls home to see if it was in Brisbane airport, with no luck, we decided to head to Santa Monica Pier for dinner and to try and relax and work out how to manage the rest of our trip (whilst I know our itinerary, every bit of information is stored on my computer).

Hence very few photos of LA (Santa Monica Pier) and I believe on my part, a lack lustre effort behind the camera.

And back at the airport to board our flight to Anchorage.

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