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  • Lyndell Daniel

Aialik Bay - Black Bear

It was our second day in Aialik Bay and we had decided to kayak across to Pedersen Glacier. Kayaking always poses a problem if you are trying to photograph

- where to store your camera - in the waterproof bag at your feet, but then that's no good if you encounter wildlife along the way;

- what lens to put on the camera and do you also take a different size lens - wide angle, telephoto; First World Problems, not :)

Well I chose the telephoto lens and decided to initially store it in the waterproof bag at my feet. That lasted all of 5 minutes, at which time I spotted a black bear in the distance.

Now we were heading towards Pedersen Glacier, but this was my first black bear sighting, the excitement rose, the adrenalin kicked in, the paddle strokes increased and of course, a detour towards the bear.

After trying to store my paddle and not lose it in the freezing cold water, then steady the kayak, I managed to set my camera and take my first photo of the elusive black bear - well elusive, at this point in time, for us.

We followed this bear along the shore line, as it climbed up the side of the mountain.

And then made its way back down the mountain to the water in search of salmon.

The bear didn't take long to catch it's food.

Be sure to check out some of the other magnificant animals we saw whilst paddling towards Pederson Glacier and also my blog on Aialik Bay and the seals we saw on the boat ride over.

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