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  • Lyndell Daniel

Aialik Bay - Seals and Puffins

The abundance of wildlife on our trip from Seward to Aialik Bay and whilst at Aialik Bay was amazing. We encountered seals, otters, bald eagles, black bears, puffins, whales, many birds and other tiny creatures. The days were filled with so many sightings along the coast line, in the bay and on our way to and from Seward.

The puffins were either swimming beside the boat or nesting in the high ridges of the cliffs. At one time, I believe there were more than a hundred puffins in the trees along the shoreline.

This puffin was swimming beside us as we kayaked across the lake at Aialik Bay.

As we made our way to Aialik Bay there were hundreds of seals relaxing, and sunbaking on the rocks with nonchalant looks as we stopped to watch them. It was early morning, so maybe they were still resting from a huge night fishing in the open seas.

A rather vocal early morning meeting taking place in the boardroom.

The only way to scratch that itch.

Taking a dip or over the antics of the two older seals who were not happy with each other.

These baby seals were just way too cute.

We woke up to find we had a new neighbour.

These two seals decided to follow us on our kayak across the bay. They would pop their heads up, say hello and then disappear into the water and pop under the other side of us. This went on for several hours and if the water hadn't been so cold, I would have jumped in and swam with them.

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