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The Magic of Yellowstone

We visited Yellowstone National park in August, after returning from Alaska and Canada, where we had experienced such beautiful and stunning scenery and spent time with Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears.

Yellowstone had a magic of it's own and I can't wait to return to experience, once again this incredible place.

We spent two days in Grand Teton National Park and a glorious eight days travelling around Yellowstone National Park.

I did spend a lot of time planning our itinerary for Yellowstone, but once there, we ended up "going with the flow", following what felt natural and managed to experience so many wonderful places.

We had two days lodging in Yellowstone Lake (Lake Lodge Western Cabin), then moved on to Roosevelt, Silver Gate and Gardiner for four nights, finishing with two nights in Old Faithful.

We stopped at many places and hiked so many trails, including but not limited to West Thumb Geyser Basin, South Rim Trail Hikes, Tower Falls, the Lower Brink (which is 600m in length and drops a steep180m vertical down to the falls - so a slight challenge on the way back up); Storm Point Trail, Hidden Lake and so many more wonderful destinations.

We sat for hours watching the Bison in the fields and saw so much wildlife.

These are just a couple of photos of the magic of Yellowstone. Please check out my other blogs on Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.

Yellowstone Lake

Geothermal The three photos above were taken at the Hot Springs at the Edge of Yellowstone Lake

Bison in Lamar Valley

Following the road from Yellowstone Lake to Lamar Valley there are many wonderful hikes

Fishing Bridge Yellowstone Lake

Fishing Bridge Yellowstone Lake

Storm Point

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park

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