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  • Lyndell Daniel

Lotte Arai

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

It was time for a change in temperature and activity after leaving Tokyo and arriving at Lotte Arai, Myoko. Lotte Arai Resort is nestled among a beautiful mountainous countryside that spreads scenically from Mt. Myoko to the ocean. It was time for snowboarding and partaking in the many activities the Resort has to offer, including their magnificent outdoor onsen.

The resort is extensive and offers an indoor pool, a 1,501 meter zip-line tour, tubing and much more; and don't forget the great skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

Our beautiful room located in what is called the Nest. There are many different areas in the Resort, known as the Lodge, the Deck and the Nest, as well as hotel style rooms.

There are many hallways throughout the resort, which mean you get totally lost.

The hallway leading to our room. It is amazing exploring the different sections of the resort.

The resort offers so many areas to sit and relax, with some magnificent libraries.

The libraries were very well stocked with such interesting books.

Another hallway with magnificent reading opportunities.

Places to sit and enjoy hot chocolate and cake.

This staircase was magnificent.

It was night time, very cold and snowing, but the lights were magnificent and we had the urge to go outside in the snow to take a photo.

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