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  • Lyndell Daniel


Updated: Feb 7, 2021

An awesome seven days in Honolulu staying on the beachfront in Waikiki.

The view from our room at Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach.

Good morning Waikiki.

Looks like a nice day for a surf.

Getting ready for a beautiful sunset dinner.

When in Waikiki you can't miss the parasailing adventures.

Even if you have to shut your eyes for a while.

Just love my Pop.

How can you not smile with this beautiful weather in Honolulu.

Not 100% sure about going up 1000 feet into the air with my Nan!!!!

Just don't land us on the Whale shark that is directly below us.

Enjoying the sun, boat and view from out here.

Waikiki, one of the best places to learn to surf, with beautiful rolling waves and stunning weather.

Alohilani check in.

Don't miss spending some time watching the fish in Alohilani resort’s two-story, saltwater Oceanarium - a must-see Waikiki attraction. It contains a large variety of colorful native Hawaiian reef fishes, with a diversity of colors, shapes and species.

After spending time at the beach, come back and relax in the roof top pool.

Now it's on to outrigging with the locals - another must do activity when visiting Waikiki.

So much fun!!!

When in Hawaii - Hawaii Five-O !!!

The kids loved this.

What else would you do after outrigging - smoothies!!

The North Shore has so many places to visit.

Enjoying the setting sun.

The young jump, whilst the not so young take photos.

Ooops - what I have to endure for my Nan to get a shot.

Creating memories.

And spending time just playing on the beach.

The North Shore sunsets are stunning.

Sit, relax and enjoy the moment.

The magic of spending time with family.

Wonderful times spent at the many beaches around the North Shore.

Don't forget, there's always time for cricket.

"How's that" - almost time for the match to be called due to low light.

But there is always time to create beautiful pictures in the sand, even if the sun is fading.

What could all of these cameras be focused on at Turtle Beach?

You guessed it - Turtles, at Turtle Beach.

Such amazing creatures.

And what better way to see them - snorkel alongside these beautiful creatures.

Aside from the turtles, there are many wonderful and colourful fish to see.

And also turtles to almost bump into.

Still searching for turtles on our way back to Waikiki.

We may have also found a huge shark rock, surrounded by turtles enjoying the beautiful blue waters.

Yes, we succumbed - rent a convertible in Waikiki - in fact rent two - one for the kids and one for us oldies.

Hawaii, such a memorable family holiday.


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