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Spending time in Niseko and Rusutsu in Winter

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Snowboarding is our main choice of activity when staying in Hokkaido, however this year the snow gods had not delivered their normal daily dumps. Yes, we are becoming powder snobs and very fussy, so instead of gracing the hard parked and at times icy conditions of Niseko and the other ski fields around the area, we opted for photography, walking and snowmobiling. Check out our video on "How to spend five days in Niseko". We did however get a magical day in Kiroro, with the slopes almost to ourselves - white heaven.

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We stayed at Yorokobi lodge, just outside of Hirafu village. We woke to this view every morning.

We ventured very carefully across the little creek in front of our accomodation, which was covered with snow, to walk the Niseko Golf Course.

A glimpse of Mount Yotei along the way.

The tracks on our walk were made from the snowmobile tours out of Niseko Village.

Lovely views of the beautiful Mount Yotei along the walk, though we opted not to test our luck with either this bunker or water hole.

Rusutsu ski resort is a must trip when staying in Niseko.

There are so many quaint and interesting things to see and do and the kids just love the resort.

A night time view of the slopes. For those familiar with Japan, you would not expect to see this amount or quality of snow on the ground at this time of year. Apparently the worst season in 100 years, so I was told by the locals.

Peter looking very austere - yes, I did make him pose for the photo.

I love the light show at Rusutsu, just outside the back entrance.

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